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Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Suspension of the Rite of Peace

Because of the escalation of the coronavirus and the fear that it has engendered throughout the country, the Rite of Peace will be suspended entirely at all Masses until the situation improves. While everyone is urged to exert necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this malady, even if it necessitates staying away from Mass if one is experiencing unusual symptoms, no one who is in good health is discouraged from coming to church for fear of unnecessary physical contact with other people. Exercise good judgment in communicating with other people by use of positive language, a wave or a bow instead of hand to hand contact. This is common sense which no one will disagree with. Please be advised that all extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist always sanitize their hands before distributing Holy Communion during Mass.

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January 30, 2020 um 9:08 am
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