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Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
A Vibrant Catholic Community Since 1912

Religious Formation of Children & Youth

The registration for families with children is underway for the fall classes. There is serious concern for the spiritual welfare of our children especially during these times of cultural change wherein religion has lost its place in American Society for many people. The number of crimes committed by young people, especially the recent mass shootings, challenge the Church to continue to make every effort to provide opportunities for our children and youth to mold their identity around the Gospel of Jesus Christ which stands against hatred, racism and the many social ills that plague our society. When a person’s center is not built upon divine truth they can be misled along a false path leading to unhappiness and even self-destruction. The rampant materialism that surrounds out children can be toxic without a relationship with Jesus Christ which every responsible parent can facilitate. Every parent makes a promise to raise their children in the Catholic Faith on the day of their child’s Baptism. Commitment to the religious education programs that we offer is one way of fulfilling this obligation along with regular Mass attendance. Home study can be an option if the class schedule is a major obstacle. But to withdraw a child after they receive First Communion in the second grade is a grave injustice to that child. We encourage all parents and other family members to ensure the continuity of a child’s faith formation through the programs and opportunities offered at Saint Anthony Church for our tri-parish community.

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December 6, 2018 um 9:08 am
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