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Presentation Church Organ Dilemma

There is a clearly obvious problem with the loudness of this particular musical instrument which has existed for years. When the church was renovated in the early 2000’s, the organ was completely renovated and permanently set at a high volume which cannot be altered. A digital custom made control box was added at the time work was done on the instrument but which was mysteriously misplaced a couple of years ago. People have complained of the loudness of the organ to the point of it being a distraction. Attempts were made to correct the problem but to no avail. Investigation by expert technicians has concluded that the work on the instrument was of inferior quality to begin with and that the organ will continue to deteriorate and become more expensive to maintain in the future. Evidence of such poor workmanship on the organ has been documented by these experts. The cost of correcting the situation would be well beyond the value of the organ which was manufactured by the Wicks Company. But an alternative beyond just using the electronic keyboard is currently under consideration to permanently solve the problem. When it has been thoroughly researched, the proposal will be presented to the Finance Council for review. In the meantime patience is most appreciated.

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February 3, 2017 um 9:37 pm
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