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Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
A Vibrant Catholic Community Since 1912

April 1, 2017

Grateful for God’s Providence Capital Campaign

All parishes in the Diocese of Providence are joining together for the Grateful for God’s Providence Campaign. As we approach the 150th anniversary of our Diocese, this historic campaign will ensure that we are able to continue our Mission for years to come. The campaign seeks to raise $50 million over the next 4 years to prepare our faith family for the future. At its heart, this campaign is about supporting our future by focusing on our parishes, our priests, Catholic school Tuition Assistance, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, and Catholic Charities and Social Services. Every parish will retain 40% of every dollar raised in their parish’s campaign effort to be used for their own local needs. In the coming weeks, our Campaign Leadership Team will be providing more information about the campaign and details about each of its purposes. Their goal is to make sure every parishioner knows what this campaign is about and how we are being called to participate. Please take the time during the next few weeks to learn more about the campaign and the needs we will address together.